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Contemptor Worm

As mentioned before, the Forbidden Lands were already tainted by unspeakable Horrors from the Outer Dark in ancient times. Only a few druid guardians remember the catastrophes of the dark ages and guard the tombs that imprison the abominable beings.

But since the Numan Empire slaughtered the druids of The Forbidden Land and conquered it thirty years ago, the wards guarding these tombs have been neglected. As the oppressive magic of the wards weakened, the presence of these beings began to seep out again.

..and the emanations of alien gods leaked into the material world took the form of flesh and blood. This, is one of those manifested beings.

Contemptor Worms are spawns of the great abomination called the Worm God in druidic records. Inside the ruins constructed to guard the sealed tombs, these monsters feed on magical energies and grow malformed.

Unfortunately, we can't show you Contemptor Worm in action yet. But in the combat demo build which will be released early next year, you'll be able to fight these terrifying monsters yourself. It probably won't be an easy fight!

Then until next time..!

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