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Character Attributes in Combat

Hi, it was so long absence due to hard schedule. Anyway, we will talk about the character stats, which called as 'Attributes' in <The Tainted Lands> today.

Attributes Overview

Most characters have the following attributes.

1. Action Point: As former article about general combat system, our game's combat is proceed by turn-based round system using action points. Basically, most characters have 3 action points per turn.

2. Reaction Point: Reaction points are the number of reactions available per turn. At the beginning of each turn, the character refreshes the reaction points for this attribute value. Basically, most characters have 1 reaction point per turn.

3. HP: HP(hit points) is physical vitality of character. Taking damage causes loss of HP. A character who losses 50% of his maximum HP enters bloodied condition. If a character losses all of his HP, he will be incapacitated and removed from combat.

4. WP: WP(willpower points) is mental endurance of character. Some events and skills cause loss of WP directly. A character who losses 50% of his maximum WP will enters shaken condition. A character who losses all of his WP will enters broken condition.

5. Accuracy: Accuracy is character's base hit chance. A character with high accuracy rarely miss the target. However, hit chance calculated as attacker's accuracy(%) - defender's defense(%), so in practically skillful defender can lower attacker's hit chance.

6. Defense: Defense is character's base dodge chance. A character with high defense can avoid or deflect enemy's attack with high probability. As we referred in above, hit chance calculated as attacker's accuracy(%) - defender's defense(%).

7. Critical: Critical is character's base critical chance. High critical makes a character's attack into critical hit with high probability.

8. Damage: Damage is character's base damage value. Many attack skills have damage value based on this attribute. For example, Slayer's Sundering Blow has 80% of character's base accuracy but 140% of character's base damage.

9. Initiative: Initiative is an attribute that determines the order of turns. Every combatants calculate their order of turn when combat begins. A character with high initiative value can act faster more likely.

10. Speed: Speed ​​is the number of tiles a character can move using 1 action point in combat. For example, a character with Speed 2 can move 2 tile using 1 action point, and can move 4 tiles using 2 action point.

..And there are more feature in character's stat like Skills, Traits, Resistances and Keywords. We will explain more in later.

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