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Hit Screen Effect

Previously, our game's hit recognition wasn't very good. Sometimes it felt like a character was dodging damage even though it was taking damage, or vice versa.

In the image above, a monster called Shrieker attacks and damages a Rogue Mage. Unfortunately, it don't feels like she is taking much damage.

So, we inserted a blood splatter visual effect on the edge of the screen when the character was hit and took damage, to clearly inform the player of the hit situation.

Of course no bloody VFX when an attack misses or is negated. It only appears when the character actually takes damage and loses HP. If a Critical Hit has occurred, more blood will splatter and the screen will instantly turn red.

In the next build, maybe we'll add a damage icon and a dedicated font to make it feel more dangerous when taking damage. After all of these things are applied, I expect it to feel really terrifying when a character takes damage, especially when it hits a Critical Hit.

Then until next time..!

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