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Adventure System

최종 수정일: 2022년 12월 5일

Although there has been no news for a long time, we are still alive and not dead. Plus, progress has been made in development!

As mentioned earlier, our game is largely consisted with three layers: Combat, Adventure, and the World Map. This time we will talk about adventure layer.


Think about world map of classic <Baldur's Gate> or <Fallout>. Theses maps contained several areas like 'Firewine Bridge' or 'Boneyard'. And if you choose to enter the area, the world map screen turned into a local layer where the real adventure takes place.

Our game, <The Tainted Lands> takes same way. Once you choose to enter the selected area in the world map, game screen will be turned into adventure layer of that area. These areas are called as 'Locations' in the game.

In the adventure layer, the player moves an adventuring band represented by one character. Player controls this iconic character to explore the location which currently in. Each location is different in size, but we want to make every location feel spacious enough.

In the adventure layer the game takes place in real time. In this part we deeply inspired by <Battle Brothers>, <King's Bounty: The Legend>'s real time overworld adventure part, and <Thronebreaker>'s wonderful visualization.


Events occur when the character encounters certain NPCs or come into contact with objects during the adventure. Most events are presented as description texts and illustration. Some events may even ask for a choice.

For example, in one event you can sacrifice an ally to awaken and bind an ancient undead warrior. Will you sacrifice your allies for powerful new undead minions? If you choose to sacrifice, you will gain powerful new combatants, but the other companions will despise you.

Point of Interest

Most of locations have some points of interest. These points of interest are composing elements of a Location. Once you enter a Location, you can explore that area and can find these points. If a Location is wide wooded foothill, points could be cave, pond, etc.

For example, one of our game's location 'The Isolated Valley' composed with several points of interest like 'Ancient Barrow', 'Eerie Cave', 'Old Watchtower'. Most cases these points will trigger certain events or combat when you reach.

Roaming Monster

Some monsters don't just wait for adventure in their dark and dismal lair, they roam certain areas on their own. In adventure layer, these roaming monsters depicted as one iconic character, and move in real time like player.

If they are goblin brigand patrol including goblin terror rider, they could be represented as goblin terror rider, which are most strong one in their band. But it doesn't mean the patrol is made up entirely of terror riders.

Roaming monsters usually pursue the player's party. So, if your party is seriously injured or too weaker than the enemy, it is better to escape by the most efficient route. Otherwise, you will face an harsh battle...

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