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Lore: The Lands Where Ancient Evil Rooted

최종 수정일: 2022년 12월 17일

Hello all. Surprisingly again, we are still surviving and continuing development of our small precious game. Anyway, today we will talk about lore of <The Tainted Lands>.


The Stage of <The Tainted Lands> is the vast wooded lands called 'Ardeal', or sometimes called as the Forbidden Lands. The world that 'Ardeal' belonged was on the verge of ruin in ancient time and barely survived from that catastrophe.

This calamity originated from the Outer Dark, a cold and dark space ruled by natural laws completely different from our world. Someone unknown tore the fabric of reality and opened a passage to Outer Dark. Then the horrible gods of the Outer Dark poured into our world.

The trans-dimensional catastrophe was barely contained by the sacrifice of the Old Gods. However, even the gods of the old ages could not completely slay the beings of the Outer Dark. So the gods imprisoned them deep beneath, with state neither dead nor alive.

After many centuries passed, ancient races and civilizations were forgotten, and the descendants of the survivors became to know nothing about the past disaster. New kingdoms and empires have emerged from the ruins of the old ages.

Only the Cabal of druids remembered the past and continued their vow to guard the tombs where the beings from the Outer Dark slumbering. They are scattered all over the world, but their center was in Ardeal, the land where the world was first torn apart.

Druid Guardians, at least in Ardeal, are far from moderateness. They would stop at nothing to protect the tombs. Also the druids ruled the nearby towns and settlements ruthlessly and even demanded human sacrifices to magically ward this forbidden lands.


But thirty years ago, a mighty empire from the west invaded Ardeal. This empire which called Numa, was already leveled most of the western lands, and still full of ambition to expand its territory. The Empire marched forward with their formidable legions.

The druid guardians of Ardeal fought fiercely. They called bestial creatures and living shadows as allies. They stroke with fury of lightning and thunder storm. But in the end, the champion of the empire pierced the Archdruid's heart with spear and defeated his horde.

Still, the Druids' leader is not dead. His loyal attendants carried his body to a hidden sanctuary before his irreversible death. He managed to revive thanks to the sanctuary absorbing the power of the connected leylines.

But 30 years had already passed before he woke up. His allies were scattered, and the lands he protected were conquered. Furthermore, most of his powers were lost through death. Now, weakened and alone, he awakens in a strange and hostile world.

In the game, you will take the role of recently awakened Guardian. You must seek ways restore your former powers, gather old and new allies to prevent impending doom while your absence. Or, perhaps, seeking revenge against your nemesis.

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