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What is <The Tainted Lands>?

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Hello and welcome to our official <The Tainted Lands> development blog!

This article is for give you basic information about our game <The Tainted Lands>. We will introduce our game's story, features, and development progression. Currently the game is not completely developed yet, but soon we will provide more detailed things.

We always appreciate for feedback. If you want to let us know what you think about our game, please visit our twitter or send e-mail.

About the Game

(pre-Alpha footage - Icons are dummy now)

<The Tainted Lands> is 2d turn-based tactical RPG for PC. This game is inspired by classic RPGs like <Wasteland>, <Fallout> and <Baldur's Gate> series.

In this game you take on the role of a failed druid guardian of the Forbidden Land. This guardian protagonist has sworn an vow to keep no one from intrude to the land where ancient evil sleeps.

But thirty years ago, mighty Numan Empire from west invaded for silver veins of this land's mountains. The guardian fought back fiercely with his allies but killed by the imperial champion.

In the midst of carnage occurred after the guardian's defeat, his most loyal attendants could retrieved master's body barely and escape to the hidden sanctuary with it.

After thirty years later the guardian is awaken in his hidden sanctum's chamber. Now defeated and weakened, he must restore his former power, secure the seals which holding the ancient horrors, and must seek revenge.

But this land is not under the guardian's dominance anymore. Since the invade of Numan Empire, the Forbidden Land became more dangerous place than ever, even for it's former master - our protagonist druid guardian.


Now this land's forest in expanding with unnatural speed and devouring lowland settlements. In shadows under tall trees, wicked creature lurking and waiting for victims.

In order to travel the Forbidden Land, you must recruit new companions. Gather the party for venture forth into the places of power, and restore your former might.


But be aware. Many companions have their own purpose and point of view. They could disagree your decision and even conflict with you...


The game consisted with three layers - world layer, adventure layer and combat layer.


You can say world layer more simply as 'worldmap'. World layer depicts whole region of the Forbidden Land and consisting locations. All locations are connected as node, and move between locations takes time and chance of random encounter event.


If you arrive at selected location and get in there and layer will be switched into adventure layer. Adventure layer allows you to move your party in real time and explore. In this layer you can interact with some interesting places or encounter with roaming monster.


When you contact with roaming monster in adventure layer, or triggered combat event, game switched into turn-based tactical combat layer. The game's combat proceed with round system. All combatants get their own initiative score when start of each round begins, and take turns in based on their initiative score. Once all combatants took each of their turns, that round is finished and next round begins.

All combats and events will be rewarded with various ways, even sometimes new recruit. So you can manage your party stronger through expeditions. As you advance deep into the Forbidden land risks and rewards will be much increased.



Choices matters impacting the story

Detailed hand drawn arts.

Diverse recruitable characters and monsters.

Intensive turn-based tactical combat.

Limited permadeath.

Various character development systems.

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